Tax Preparation

As a full service accounting firm, JD Main is proud to offer tax services to be able to fulfill your needs from beginning to end.  We handle corporate and partnership income tax returns as well as individual income tax returns.

JD Main also prepares payroll and sales tax returns.  We specialize in sales tax law related to the Graphic Arts Industry and in Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit for Illinois manufacturers and printers.

Corporate & Partnership Tax ReturnsJD Main handles corporate and partnership tax returns.  If you need expert tax consulting JD Main has experts that can help you! 

Individual Tax ReturnsWith years of tax preparation experience, JD Main can prepare your federal and state 1040 and will work hard to ensure we have captured all the deductions you are entitled to.

Payroll Tax ReturnsJD Main can process all federal and state payroll tax returns for you.  If you are currently getting notices from the IRS, Illinois Department of Revenue or the Illinois Department of Employment Security and want a 2nd opinion, we can help.

Learn More about our Payroll and Payroll Tax Services.

Sales TaxWith more than 20 years of Illinois sales tax experience, JD Main has can help you understand your sales tax obligations as well as prepare your sales tax returns.  We are also sales tax experts for the special sales tax laws related to the Graphic Arts Industry.  JD Main can help you set up your accounting system to properly capture sales tax transactions.

Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit If you are a manufacturer in Illinois, you may be missing out on substantial savings if you are not utilizing Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit.  This program reduces the amount of sales tax you owe on production related purchases and is offered by the Illinois Department of Revenue to attract and retain businesses to Illinois.  JD Main specializes in Manufacturer’s Purchase credit and can determine if your business is a good candidate with just a few simple questions.