New Business Set Up & Consulting

Starting a new business is a BIG deal.  No doubt you will need assistance to properly register your business and understand what obligations you will have to the various governmental agencies.  Additionally, you will most likely need assistance setting up an accounting system and being trained in accounting procedures and basic HR.  JD Main offers the following services to assist you with your new venture!

Services Offered

  • Business Plan Creation or Assistance
  • Cash Requirements & Budgeting
  • Business Name Availability
  • Discussion on What You Will and Won’t Need an Attorney For
  • Discussion About Business Structure
  • Register your Business with the IRS & Apply for an EIN
  • Register your Business with Your State’s Department of Revenue
  • Submit Forms to Your State to Determine Sales Tax Liability
  • Register with the State Department of Unemployment
  • Obtain Logins and Passwords to Utilize Online Portals for the Various Reporting Agencies
  • Assistance with Accounting Software Selection
  • Accounting Software Setup
  • Develop Custom Chart of Accounts
  • Payroll Setup
  • Register with EFTPS to Pay Federal Payroll Taxes
  • Train You to Use Your Accounting Software
  • Develop & Document Policies & Procedures for Accounting Workflow
  • Help you Understand Your Sales Tax Obligations
  • Primer on Basic HR Law (e.g. hiring, labor laws such as minimum wage and overtime, suggested new hire forms, termination etc.)