Bookkeeping Services

Do you need part-time bookkeeping help? JD Main provides comprehensive bookkeeping services and can help you with all your accounting needs, up to and including your year-end tax returns. JD Main specializes in offsite bookkeeping and can help set up the systems and processes needed in a snap. With a CPA at the helm, you can feel confident your books will get done right so you can concentrate on more important things like growing your business. Save money and time by allowing your books to be handled by experts!

Advantages of an Offsite Bookkeeper

Save Money

  • You do not need to provide pricey health insurance, disability or contribute to a retirement plan
  • There is no need to buy another desk, phone or set of office supplies for an in-house bookkeeper
  • You aren’t subject to costly social security, Medicare or unemployment taxes
  • No need to pay for time not worked such as vacation, holidays and personal days
  • Reduced worker’s compensation costs and liability

Save Time

  • Eliminate the lengthy hiring process and, in unfortunate instances, the re-hiring process.
  • No need to set up a work space
  • Minimal time spent training and supervising while staying connected through a weekly phone conference
  • You receive 52 weeks of service per year so there’s no need to step in during illness or vacation

Accounts Payable – Code and enter vendor invoice, job costing, bill payment, waivers and sworn statements, vendor statement clean up and vendor correspondence.  Optionally, we can set you up with a paperless A/P, approving invoices remotely and paying without checks.

Customer Invoicing – Prepare and send customer invoices, maintain item list (for QB users).

Accounts Receivable – Customer cash application, payment reminders and monthly customer statements.  If you’d like to provide alternative payment options to your customer, we can set you up to be able to receive payments via eCheck, PayPal and/or credit card.

Payroll Processing – Hours computation and entry, payroll processing, payroll tax deposits and quarterly payroll tax returns.  We can also recommend remote employee time entry systems as well as multiple payroll software options.

Credit Cards – Enter or download your credit card charges and reconcile to your monthly statement.