Accounting Services

Would you benefit from having an accountant but don’t need someone full-time?  JD Main provides part-time accounting services and can handle everything up to and including your year-end tax returns.  JD Main specializes in offsite accounting and can help set up the systems and processes needed to successfully create a remote work environment.  With a CPA at the helm, you can feel confident your work will get done right.  Call us today for more information!

Advantages of an Offsite Accountant

 Save Money

  • Save by not having to pay for a full time employee when you only need part-time work
  • You do not need to provide pricey health insurance, disability or contribute to a retirement plan
  • There is no need to buy a cubicle, phone or set of office supplies for an in-house accountant
  • You aren’t subject to costly social security, Medicare or unemployment taxes
  • No need to pay for time off such as vacation, holidays and personal days
  • Reduced worker’s compensation costs and liability

Save Time

  • Eliminate the lengthy hiring process
  • No need to set up a work space
  • Minimal time spent training and supervising while staying connected through a weekly phone conference
  • You receive 52 weeks of service per year so there’s no need to step in during illness or vacation

In addition to performing bookkeeping services, our accounting services include:

Bank Reconciliation – We will reconcile your bank accounts to your accounting software weekly, or at any other desired frequency, so you can be assured all transactions have been recorded and recorded properly.

Cash Management – You will receive weekly cash updates that include your cash position along with upcoming cash needs. We can manage your cash to make sure important bills are paid in a timely manner.

General Ledger Clean Up & Review – Do you have a mess on your hands?  We can go through and clean up your general ledger.   Or maybe all you need is an ongoing, periodic review to make sure transactions are classified correctly.

Financial Statements – You will receive a timely profit and loss statement, a balance sheet and any other reports you need on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Our financial statements are supported with work papers to substantiate all balance sheet accounts.

Staff Supervision & Training – We can help train and supervise your office manager or bookkeeper so transactions are recorded properly the first time.  We can also review current procedures and make recommendations to increase efficiency and accuracy.